It is well known that physical activity profoundly affects our health. It helps to keep the body in the good shape and frame of mind for a long time. The healthy life is the healthy body and mind, a way of living that allows us to enjoy more aspects of life and experience them in a fuller way. We “unload” stress during physical activity. Such a lifestyle is a very fundamental element as states that health is holding us up for many years in advance.

We also lead an active lifestyle and know the needs arising from it. That is why we have introduced into the permanent offer devices that allow customers to have better usage sports and leisure offers, and to maintain an active lifestyle.

Our flagship product is sports wristbands to monitor all sports activities. You can monitor your activity round the clock thanks to the specially attached application. The professional algorithm will calculate travelled distance, burned calories and counted steps. Each of them will measure your pulse, while more technologically advanced models will also measure the pressure.

You will assure your pressure by filming your sport achievements with one of the best sport cameras available on the market which records in Full HD quality.

Experience it one more time, or see it from the completely different perspective!